No Hot water – Trouble Shooting

If you have an electric hot water system, please check the following before reporting to our office:

  • Check the switchboard and check if the HWS switch is still turned on – if not turn to on position – new hot water systems also have a safety switch close to the system – check this switch if applicable
  • Lift the lever valve on the side of the hot water system and if no water is coming out – allow the tank to fill – water will come out of the overflow pipe – allow time for the system to heat up
  • If water comes straight out of the overflow pipe and it is cold – an electrician is required
  • If there is any leak at all in the system – a plumber is required

If you have a gas hot water system

  • Check that the pilot light is on – if applicable
  • Any gas leak/smell – please contact the plumber/gas fitter

If you have solar hot water system

  • Check if the booster switch is in on the on position (should be labelled HWS) – newer systems are located in the switch board – older systems could be located hallway, bathroom or laundry
  • If water is luke warm during sunny days – plumber is required
  • If water is luke warm during cloudy days – electrician is required