Cyclone Preparation – Advice for Page & Pearce Clients

It’s a matter of fact, we live in an area that is at threat of cyclones every year. These are out tips for being prepared:

When a system is developing click here for the latest cyclone tracking report.

FOR UPDATES about the status of your property, after a cyclone has passed, we ask you not to email us. If necessary we will contact you if your property has been reported damage with a summary. Page & Pearce staff have spent the morning attending to any vacant properties, making them as secure as possible.

Handy tip would be to have any Insurance documentation located in case you need to make the call. Depending if our office has power and we have staff available at work, we will attempt to give you an update as soon as possible.

Again, PLEASE DO NOT email us with requests for an update, once the threat has passed and we are operational our aim is to advise you as soon as we possibly can in a timely manner.

TRADING HOURS: To allow our staff time to prepare, the office will be closed prior to the cyclone threat. Updates will be posted on Page & Pearce Facebook page.

RENT PAYMENTS and arrears: It’s highly likely that many tenants who are due to pay rent over the next few days may not pay their rent due to unforeseen circumstances. However if this is the case we have procedures that we will implement to have this rectified in a timely manner. We will send you an email for serious arrears as per our standard practice.

Routines Inspections that may be planned across the threat period will be postponed and will be re-appointed to occur after the system has passed. Depending on the outcome of the cyclone there could be more delays to allow our staff and trades people to focus on emergency matters first.

Tenants will be advised to prepare for any cyclone and be reminded of our local emergency SES and Page & Pearce procedures.

Facebook:We will also be providing updates through our Page & Pearce Facebook page of the developments of any systems.

Thank you in advance, we have your best interest at hand in protecting your investment. 

Todd & Sue Pearce and the Team at Page & Pearce.