How to prepare your home for spring

Spring is the
time of the year when the trees bloom and the home environment needs fresh and
proper cleaning after winter. Spring, indeed, has always been by
tradition the most appropriate time of the year to do a thorough “Spring
Clean”. However, as you can see, there is much more than just home cleaning
that you can and should do in Spring.

This is the time
when there is some warmth seeping back into the atmosphere. As such, it is the
time to push back the shutters and welcome the fresh air and sunshine into your

Here is a
cross-section of services that you should consider when preparing your home for

Home Cleaning
There are various rooms that harbour dust and dirt and require proper cleaning
after the cold season is over. The first thing to do is to open all windows in
the bedrooms and living room and dust them. After this initial brushing, you
can air the blankets, furnishings and draperies in the various rooms. This can
suffice as preparation for a thorough cleaning using a vacuum cleaner.

Carpet Cleaning
Carpet cleaning is vital because carpets tend to accumulate a lot of
contaminating agents, ranging from dust to stains and unsightly spots from
spilled liquids and winter mud. You can use carpet cleaners to do this work.
The machines can reach every part of the room. It is essential to use a good
detergent that can disinfect the carpet and leave it spotless before the
machine drains the moisture automatically. After this, you can activate the
heating system to prevent humid conditions.

Window Cleaning
Windows are another important part of the spring cleaning. Unclean windows can
hinder the entry of light into the room and can also result into foul air in
your room. To prevent this from happening, you will have to reach out and clean
between the shutters, especially the metallic ones using a soft brush. It is
also essential to check whether any of the panes are broken so that you can
have them replaced immediately by a glazier. You will be amazed with your
gleaming windows in no time.

Painting Your

It is not advisable to take the task of painting a home entirely upon yourself.
This is a complicated business that requires a painter with expertise at
applying double or triple layers of paint that can last for a long time. Spring
is usually the best season to do this since, for one, the windows do not remain
closed like in winter and thus the strong smell of paint won’t affect those
living inside. Of course you don’t have to be told that the house needs
recoating: fading colours can tell tales about the need for repainting from
miles away.

Gardening &

Winter comes with one blunting effect for all lovers of landscapes; it stunts
growth of flower beds, and blights out the live fence around the home. Spring
is the time to change the situation by use of sickles to trim hedges,
transplanting new flowers, and removing fallen leaves from the walkway. You
should also use pressured water to thoroughly clean pavements and adjacent walls.

Tree Trimming
and Pruning

Spring highlights a new dawn for those cypresses and apricots around the
homestead. You can use sickles to prune the outlying branches. There is even a
chance that a tree has undergone stunted growth during the cold season and this
is the right time to trim its offshoot to allow normal development.

Cleaning Gutters
One of the most irritating signs to show that one has already passed three
inactive months of winter is the debris that lines the interior of gutters.
Only in spring can this be removed properly because the trees from which it
falls are also experiencing fresh growth and you can sweep the matter away
efficiently. You should use hosed water from the roof to pressure out the
debris. A long-handled brush can also be great for getting rid of deep-seated

Build a Timber
– For Outdoor Entertaining during spring and

The passage from winter to spring is a highlight of expansion. This is why you
need to create ideal recreational areas that will help you enjoy the outdoors
in the consecutive two seasons. The best thing you can do is to construct a
timber deck in an open area in your yard overlooking the pool, the fish pond or
the backyard. You may need to hire the services of an exterior home designer to
make a dynamic building that will stay in shape. It is also important to look
for virgin wood that will not warp under the heat of summer months.

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