If Your Sale Property Is Rented To a Tenant

it makes sense to sell or maybe your just curious… then we can help with a no
obligation appraisal that will assist your planning. 

About appraising your property and your Tenants

Tenants mostly
HATE it when their home is being sold. But they hate insensitive, oafish sales
agents even more… not our sales reps of course!

Most owners would VERY MUCH PREFER to have the rent
coming in right up to the point the property is sold, and DEFINITELY don’t want
the Tenant to vacate before the property is sold (in most cases).

Here’s what we suggest you instruct us to do:

Begin with a drive past appraisal to get a broad idea
of its value. 

If selling still seems an option then we meet the Tenants at a respectful time and do a
brief internal inspection to tighten up the appraised range. This meeting with
the Tenants is important, because having a supportive, cooperative tenant makes
the sale process easier and maybe even results in a quicker sales/higher price.
So, whilst we’re there, we explain the process to them, answer their questions,
and prepare them for what might lie ahead.

This is far
better than the Tenant arriving home from work to find For Sale sign on their
fence! (a true story reported by a tenant about a competitor of Page &

Click here to request the
appraisal. If you are an existing client, please be sure to mention this, and
that your either just interested in a drive past, OR would like a better
internal appraisal done.

The team and I are looking forward to selling your property for you.