Preparing your Townsville Home for Sale

General Tips

We live in our homes in one way, we market them in another. Just as builders have long recognised that a finished, clean and uncluttered display home enhances its value, properly preparing your home for sale will give it that competitive edge.

Some hard work and expense may be involved in preparing your home for sale, but it could assist in a quicker and better result. Remember you are in control of the marketability of your property.

Buyers are impressed if every area of the property and every room is clean and tidy. So it is worth investing in a thorough clean of the screens, windows, floor coverings and interior of all the rooms.

De Clutter
Your property will appear larger and more spacious if you remove all clutter and unneeded items. This can include clearing surfaces and the insides of wardrobes as well as a tidying up and pruning in the garden. All these things will increase the selling value of your home.

Whether you are still in the planning stages or have already listed your property, we think that the following information and checklist will be useful for you.

First impressions are crucial and an inviting exterior ensures inspection of the interior. lt is a good exercise to walk past your home from the opposite side of the street. Stop and take a look at the kind of view that a buyer would have as a first impression (Put your Buyer’s Cap on).

Some things to note:

  • Driveway – repair cracks, remove weeds or oil, clear obstructions
  • Paths – clear and weed, clean surfaces.
  • Lawns – watered, mown and neatly trimmed at edges
  • Garden – garden beds neat and weeded, some flowers for colour, Shrubs and trees – trimmed and not overhanging.
  • Mulching could be an option
  • Letterbox – replace/ repair damage, check numbers are clear
  • Guttering – free of rust and leaks, clean out if necessary
  • Gates – repair damaged areas and hinges, replace panels or palings
  • Fencing – sound and in good repair, replace panels or palings
  • The yard – free of rubbish and garden clutter
  • Sheds – replace/repair damaged cladding, remove all unnecessary items
  • Garage – check doors/ openers work properly, remove unnecessary items.
  • Outside lighting – check that it works, replace missing globes
  • House exterior – repair damaged areas, repaint where necessary
    Windows – replace/repair broken frames, check sashes and locks.
  • Fly screens – repair damaged screens, repair damaged frames.
  • Roof – free of rust/broken tiles. Repaint if necessary.
  • Patio’s and Deck’s – repair/replace damaged rails and rotted timber
  • Stairs – Keep clear, repair/replace worn areas such as step treads
  • Under the house – remove clutter, bikes, boxes…etc tidy

There may be some items inside the home that you do not wish to have included in the sale. (eg; Dryer, Dishwasher or matching curtains & bedspreads) It is essential that you tell the agent about these and we advise you to remove them in order to avoid any possible confusion.

A light, spacious and well aired feel is important for the impression of the interior of the home. Placing bowls of pot pourri or an oil burner can help. Keeping blinds and curtains open and windows open and clean is important.

And also:

  • Plumbing – repair/replace damaged or leaking taps. – Make sure toilet cisterns are not faulty.
  • Doors – repair if sticking, repair loose knobs.
  • Electrical switches/power points – repair if damaged.
  • Floors – repair /replace damaged tiles, re-polish timber flooring.
  • Carpets – replace worn areas. Clean spots and stains.
  • Ceilings – clean/repair flaking or cracks, paint if necessary.
  • Walls – clean/repair holes or damaged areas, repaint if necessary.
  • Hallways – check lighting adequate, remove obstructions.
  • Wardrobes /cupboards -repair/paint doors where needed. – tidy and remove unnecessary items.
  • Windows – repair/replace glass or frames if broken. – ensure they slide or open easily.
  • Lights – repair/replace wiring or bulbs, clean shades.
  • Curtains/blinds – repair/replace faulty hardware. – dry-clean or wash. Ceiling fans – check that are in working order, clean.
    Appliances included in the sale – Air Conditioner filters, dishwasher, stove etc in good working order.
  • Kitchen – remove clutter, clean appliances, and display some items.
  • Bathrooms – clean, co-ordinate towels. replace mirror if corroded, clean frequently.
  • Spare rooms – remove unnecessary items, tidy up.

A Word about Insects
The impression of your home to a buyer is enhanced if it is free of cobwebs, and signs of ants, cockroaches and other insects. A pest treatment is money well spent at this time. We can advise you on pest companies whose fumigations are effective and
Environmentally friendly.

If Your Property is Rented
If your property is occupied by tenants it is just as important that it presents well to buyers. Our property management staff are happy to inspect the property and advise you about the need for any of the above points to be attended to. Selling can be stressful for the Tenant too, so kicking off on the right foot is most important.