1. We offer a Guarantee! This means that we will not lock you into an agreement you are not happy with – If you are not happy with something and we can not fix it then you can cancel at any time.

2. We have Testimonials from past clients We can show you that we have a path of satisfied clients who have used us. Be sure to ask the other agents if they can show you testimonials from past clients.

3. We are available 7 days, 24hrs a day if required. We are available and ready to speak to you & prospective buyers anytime. Purchasers today buy together and look at properties together – We want to be of help at the times that suit the buyers. So we are available 7 days a week 24 hours a day if needed. 

4. We have support staff for our sales team While our sales team are out and about doing what they do best….Selling properties. – We have a Sales support team which assist the sales team in achieving results. Making plenty of sales.

5. We have many listings. This means for you that we will get a lot more buyer enquiry to the benefit of all our sellers. Lots of signs up means lots of buyer enquiry.

6. Owners don’t pay for advertising for no results. Our No Sale No Charge Guarantee. We offer our NO SALE – NO CHARGE GUARANTEE. No upfront cost for Marketing or Advertising. We
cover all the marketing costs in trying to obtain you the Highest possible price on today’s market.

7. A sales team with the ability to qualify buyers Qualifying buyers prior to showing them your property means you won’t be exposed to time wasters, security risks and inconvenience. We only
want to deal with purchasers who are in the position to buy now. 

8. Our sales team are highly trained No matter how much experience a  sales person has our sales team are constantly attending training weekly. They have been trained to negotiate & always to get the higher price possible in today’s market.

9. Our sales team are paid a Salary & are not relying on Commissions Unlike most Real Estate Sales People who are paid commission only our sales people are paid a salary. Which means they are paid to be at work achieving results for you “our Sellers” They are Results focussed!  Our aim is to get you the Highest Price possible so you can decide your own future – We are here to guide you on every offer & what’s best for you on today’s market. 

10. There is no costs to you, no risk to you if you don’t happen to sell – we take the brunt. No sale – No charge. This means we can give the property a chance to sell at the price you want
and if you find a buyer at a price, which is unacceptable, then there is no charge. We only get paid when you get paid….from the sales proceeds. Not from you this is what you want.

11. Our philosophy of “Seller First” regardless of the consequences . This means that we would never stand in the way or do anything that would prevent a sale for you. Everything we do will be for your utmost benefit at all times. Your interests are what are most important to us.

12. All of our team members are members of the “Winners Circle” This means you are dealing with a sales team who are continually learning and training on how to best look after our Seller’s by obtaining the maximum from a buyer in the negotiation process and making sure the sale of your property is smooth and as hassle free as possible. 

13. We have access to one of the largest Agent referral base systems Australia-wide through “The Winners Circle” which our agency is a member of.  This means that if someone in Melbourne or Darwin or any other town in Australia was thinking of moving to Townsville, Page & Pearce would most probably be the agent who they’d be referred to. Also if you want to move out of town, We can put you onto a good agent to buy in the area you are moving to. 

14. Our office is buyer magnetised Through our various methods of marketing –Television, signs, window cards, web based internet marketing, brochures – when someone is looking to buy in the Townsville area, they will definitely call us, therefore most chance of having a buyer for you. 

15. All buyers are recorded and contacted constantly Every buyer is followed up & entered into our email Buyers database. It gives us a constant bank of qualified buyers we have over a 1000  ames
registered on our buyer database. Our database system is automated for our sales team to continually contacting buyers until they have either purchased or their situation has changed & they no longer are able to purchase.

16. Full Time HomeFINDER –  This means to you he/she will make lots of calls to find you a buyer. They are constantly prospecting for our sales team contacting buyers in our database as well as other methods which assist in the sales process for your home. The HomeFinder is often not seen but works frantically behind the scenes assisting the sales Team. 

17. Our (Stockrun) Group Inspection –  The Stockrun allows the entire sales Team to inspect your property. This offers you feedback from the entire Team rather than just 1 individual agent. The more feedback from your agents the better off you are in being correctly marketed. Because we work as a TEAM every agent in our team has inspected your property. You now have 7 agents able to promote to buyers & more importantly be able to sell any property. 

Todd Pearce, Partner