Why you should have a sales team not a salesperson

Offering a team approach when selling will give your property an advantage when selling your home. The Page & Pearce Real Estate team takes pride in our agency’s approach and has put together the top benefits of having a sales team instead of a salesperson.

1. The whole team is looking for a buyer

What many people are not aware of is that most big name franchised agencies don’t operate in a ‘team’ manner. Generally, only one person will have a significantly increased benefit if they sell a property. When you have an agency that works together as a team, the whole team has incentive to find the right buyer for your home. This way, if your agent has a day off, your property doesn’t in fact the larger the sales team the more agents you have looking for a buyer for your property.

2. You’ll pay for marketing your home, not the agent

Have you ever seen a sale sign outside a house plastered with the agent’s face and mobile number? The answer is most likely yes. What sellers aren’t aware of is that this tactic is used by agents to promote themselves instead of the property. By doing this, the agent avoids having to use the agency’s general phone number with hopes of generating further leads for themselves. If you select an agency that works as a team, buyers will be directed to another agent for enquiries if the original agent isn’t available – so that your property doesn’t miss out on potential buyers.

3. The competition is healthy

In most real estate agencies, it’s a race of who gets the signature first. This internal competition often leads to properties being undersold in a bid to get the commission. Some agents will go as far as losing the best buyer for a property, because they don’t want a listing of theirs sold by a colleague, which would cost them a significant portion of their commission. In a team orientated environment such as our team at Page & Pearce Real Estate, the competition is focused on getting the best price and result for the seller, the owner of the property, rather than a race with colleagues for commission.