No Sale No Charge Guarantee

At Page & Pearce, if we don’t sell your property for any reason, then everything is FREE…including the marketing, such as press and internet

It’s as simple as … “we don’t get paid until you get paid!”

At Page & Pearce, if we don’t sell your property for any reason, then everything is free… including the marketing, such as press and internet. In fact, the fees we receive come directly from the sale proceeds, and these are managed by your solicitor. There are no catches.

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Genuine Sales Team

The benefits of employing a genuine team are many. Your property never has a day off and a good team competes with one another for the highest price possible rather than the first price. Quality stable teams are a hallmark of a good real estate company.

Ongoing Training & Learning

The most common and dangerous way to hire an agent is gut instinct, sale price estimate and fees charged – many agents promise much and deliver little. Yes, an agent should be considered on likeability, but also on their marketing and negotiation skills. Skills that are easy to demonstrate but hard learnt through training, study and mentoring.

What Else Is Important To You? We Want To Know!

Every individual and family are in different circumstances and have different requirements. Time, price and privacy are some of the relevant examples. Privacy is essential to getting the best price, but is rarely respected by agents when selling. Is there anything else as your agents we should know?

Selling with Page & Pearce

The Benefits for selling with Page & Pearce are:

By focusing on the “Highest Price” the buyer is prepared to pay

We offer a Guarantee. No Sale No charge

We have testimonials from past clients

We are available 7 days, 24 hours a day if required

We have support staff for our sales team

We have many listings

Owners don’t have to pay for advertising for no results

A sales team with the ability to qualify buyers

Our sales team are highly trained

Our sales team are paid a salary and are not relying on commissions

Our philosophy of “Seller First” regardless of the consequences

We have access to one of the largest Agent referral based systems Australia-wide

Our office is buyer magnetised

All buyer enquiry is kept & constantly followed up

Full Time Sales Creator

Pricing Your Property

At Page & Pearce we use an evidence based approach when it comes to helping sellers determine the likely Market Value of their property.

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Our Unique Marketing

Using our No Sale No Charge GUARANTEE all sellers do not pay up front marketing costs until the property sells and settles. In the event that the property is withdrawn from sale, there is No Cost to the seller at all, that is our Guarantee.
Website Listings and Social Media Marketing

Website Listings and Social Media Marketing, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube,,,,,,,,,
Sales Creator and Heart Buyers Search

Sales Creator and Heart Buyers Search

Through our Sales Creator we contact residents in the immediate area around your property informing them that the property is for sale. This is part of our Heart Buyer search. People who live in a suburb usually want to purchase in that suburb.
Buyer’s Database

Buyer’s Database

Data matching our clients and emailing them your property details for sale. This is part of our Heart Buyers search. We email the buyers on the database the description, price, photos and details of the property as well as any open for inspection times.
Signage and Photographs

Signage and Photographs

60cm x 90cm corflute full colour ‘For Sale’ signs. Digital Photographs and where suitable Video walk through
Colour Brochures

Colour Brochures

Colour brochures are prepared for prospective buyers as well as digital e-brochures we use for marketing your property.
Virtual Tour

Virtual Tour

Where suitable, all properties will have a virtual tour created and added to your properties marketing

There are NO upfront costs or charges.

Our No Sale No Charge Guarantee is our unique marketing.
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Planning for a successful sale

Agent Selection

The agent you choose is not just about the marketing and advertising. Its about choosing someone who understands what you want to achieve for you and your family.

Method Of Sale

The right method of sale allows you the chance to achieve the highest price possible, without financial harm or damaging your properties digital footprint.


What is the market price? The price the buyers are willing to pay for your property today.


Thousands of dollars in equity vanish everyday through unnecessary and poor pricing tactics. What is appropriate for you?


A good inspection is so much more than simply opening your house to strangers.


A combination of sales strategy and skill. The true value of your agent and their expertise in negotiating will be seen here.


Hiring a bad agent costs a lot more than their selling fee. The right agent adds tens of thousands to your bottom line.


If an agent is not prepared to Guarantee both their price and service, why offer it? We will advise & and guide you.

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