COVID-19: FAQs and the impact on Landlord Insurance

Source EBM Rent Cover Website May 2020

It is a seemingly confusing time, as Australia and the world battles what has been dubbed a ‘once in a generation event’.

These distressing and unusual times bring unforeseen difficulties. And unfortunately landlords and property managers will not walk away unscathed from this global pandemic. The Coronavirus outbreak will undoubtedly impact some tenants and their ability to pay rent. And it may, for a period of time, influence the way property managers inspect rental properties.

…most noteworthy, the situation may determine whether or not investors can continue to pay mortgages.

During this time, a lot of you will look to landlord insurance to recoup costs and cover losses. But will the rental property be protected? We answer this question (and others) honestly and transparently, to help you better understand how an EBM RentCover policy will respond during these times.

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